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Electrical Shortages in My Home

I live in an old house which has been converted into apartment rooming. I rent an apartment on the upper floor of the house. In my apartment, two complete circuits provide power to the various fixtures and outlets. One of these circuits is shared with a neighbor on the top floor, but the other circuit is used only by my apartment and is one of the only circuits (out of many) in the house that carries grounded outlets for larger appliances. The other circuit, which I share, has no grounded outlets at all and can only power smaller devices that don't require a ground plug. The larger, grounded circuit powers the electric oven and range, the refridgerator, and a couple of grounded outlets. Since my computer needs a grounded outlet to operate, I have connected it there. The microwave oven also requires a grounded outlet, and is plugged into the same outlet as the refridgerator. The microwave, the electric oven, and the computer are all on the same circuit.

Now for my problem. Often, when I try to cook something on the electric range, I get some kind of shortage that messes up my computer. I lose my internet connection and can't get reconnected -- the modem can sense a dial tone, and dial a number, but doesn't recognize the responses from the other computer and Windows XP gives me the error message, "The remote computer did not respond." When I try to shut down the OS, it freezes at the screen that says "Saving your settings..." I eventually have to turn it off by manual control. This happens when I run the oven for a long period of time, for hours, but it happens instantly when I turn on the range. However, the same problem does not occur when I use the microwave oven, ever, no matter what power setting I use or how long I use it. Just the electric range/oven seems to cause this problem.

I need to use my electric range and oven to cook things that require boiling or simmering. The microwave just isn't sufficient for all dishes. But, whenever I use the electric range, the computer starts to screw up. How do I solve my problems?
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