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I'm an 18 year old female. I'm going home for the first time since I started college. I live five hours from home and I don't want to waste money on gass. My mother has been sick for three weeks and I feel bad not seeing her. Going home will be good because then I get to hang out with my friend Steve. Steve and I dated, however, we broke up because he was worried that I would met other guys here. We were very much in love and still are. I still love him and he loves me. I talked to him the other day telling him that I'm comming on Nov. 23 and he sounded very excited to hear that. He told me that he will make a lot of time for us to be together. He also implied that he's still single. Since my mother is so sick, I've decided to come out this weekend also. Steve doesn't know this so it will be a big supprize. And I hope he'll be happy to see me.
When I moved out here I was told to try and date other guys. So I've dated three other guys and every time I've found something wrong with them that Steve has. Now, here comes the problem. I am currently dating a guy named Casey. He's a very nice guy who tries too hard for me to like him more and be with him exclusivly. The thing that has been bothering me about Casey though, is that he's not the brightest guy. Which gets anoying when I try and talk to him. Steve is very smart and we can talk about anything. Now, since I'm going home and I'm going to see Steve, I don't know what to do about Casey. I feel like I'm cheating on him if I do anything with Steve. Though, Casey and I are free to date others, he doesn't want to. I love Steve and Casey knows that. He doesn't know that I plan to hang out with Steve while I'm home. And that when Steve and I hang out, usually things happen. So please help me as to what to do. I'm teribly nervious to see Steve again after four months, and I don't want to feel terible while I'm there. Also, how do I tell Steve that I still love him and I don't want anyone else?
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